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Do I need to paint over patio covers?

Our patio covers are made from strong aluminum extrusions, and they have a base coat of baked on primer coat. They also have a baked on polyester finish, which makes them look like natural wood.

There’s no need for you to paint over the patio covers, as they are not prone to warping, cracking, or splitting. They also have a cedar texture that makes them look aesthetically pleasing.

How much shade do I get from patio covers?

Our patio covers offer flexibility in terms of the shade they provide. We recommend that you combine different styles to get just the right shade you need. Combining different solid patio covers also helps you find the style that best complements your home.

How durable are patio covers?

We use engineered extruded aluminum, which is strong, durable, and lightweight. We also follow a multi-step coating process, baking on the protective coats for a finish that is unsurpassed in durability. The covers we manufacture are chip- and fade-resistant, too. Expect your patio covers to last for years without ever needing a fresh coat of paint.

Can patio covers add value to my home?

You’re definitely adding value to your home while improving its aesthetics. These patio covers are a good investment, and we also offer customization by adding structural members for unsupported spans. This gives you limitless design options, which means you get the patio cover that specifically fits your house without compromising the property’s overall design.

How secure is the patio cover installation?

At A1 Patios Gutters N More, we promise expert installation and achieve that through the use of a solid wood beam inside an aluminum hollow beam. Not only does this color match your cover, it also ensures secure attachment to the studs of the outside wall for a solid connection. We use steel beams for added strength. We pre-drill all attachments, ensuring a clean installation of the fasteners. We make sure no rough edges are exposed.